Unscramble SATISFY

By unscrambling these letters, SATISFY. Our word finder found 67 words in SATISFY

satisfy is in TWL06 dictionary
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7 letter words made by unscrambling letters SATISFY

satisfy 13

5 letter words made by unscrambling letters SATISFY

fasti 8 fasts 8 fiats 8 fists 8 fisty 11 saist 5 satis 5 sayst 8 sifts 8 stays 8

2 letter words made by unscrambling letters SATISFY

ai 2 as 2 at 2 ay 5 fa 5 fy 8 if 5 is 2 it 2 si 2 st 2 ta 2 ti 2 ya 5

Definition of SATISFY

  • Satisfy - In general, to fill up the measure of a want of (a person or a thing); hence, to grafity fully the desire of; to make content; to supply to the full, or so far as to give contentment with what is wished for.
  • Satisfy - To answer or discharge, as a claim, debt, legal demand, or the like; to give compensation for; to pay off; to requite; as, to satisfy a claim or an execution.
  • Satisfy - To free from doubt, suspense, or uncertainty; to give assurance to; to set at rest the mind of; to convince; as, to satisfy one's self by inquiry.
  • Satisfy - To pay to the extent of claims or deserts; to give what is due to; as, to satisfy a creditor.
  • Satisfy - To give satisfaction; to afford gratification; to leave nothing to be desired.
  • Satisfy - To make payment or atonement; to atone.