Word Unscrambler

Our word unscrambler cheat is the fastest and easiest way to solve word scramble puzzles. This word finder words for both Words With Friends & Scrabble. Unscramble long words just as easily as short words.

Word Finder

Our word generator is unique in the fact that it allows you to completely customize the words you unscramble. You can easily find words with "these" letters. Even better, using our word descrambler is quite simple. Here are a few steps to success.

  • In the "show advanced options" menu, choose the starting, containing and/or ending letters, to ensure you find words with letters you are looking for. This is of course, optional.
  • Next you can optionally choose the length of the words you want to find. This is great when you need to fit a word into a tight spot.
  • Our word finder searches all Scrabble words & Words With Friends Words.
  • You can use ?'s for blank tiles.

Choose your dictionary and click "find" and you will instantly be presented with unscrambled words with the letters you are looking for!

Scrabble Word Finder

If you are playing Scrabble then be sure to select "Scrabble" in the dictionaries list. WWF and Scrabble are similar in many ways, but they use different dictionaries. Scrabble uses SOWPODS and TWL06.

Using our scrabble helper you can easily find high value words of any length. All you have to do is choose one of the high scoring letters, like "Z" in the advanced options. You will find all Z words, along with the point value and definition.

Remember to memorize 2 letter words to help you win every game!

Try our Scrabble Word Finder!

Words With Friends Cheat

Words With Friends and Scrabble have much in common, for example the board size is the same, the object of the game is the same and point values are similar.

That being said, they do have several differences as well. As I stated earlier, the points are similar, but different. They have a different bonus point layout on the board and they use different word dictionaries. WWF uses the ENABLE dictionary.

Try our Words With Friends Word Finder.

Word Scramble Tips

Want to win every game of Scrabble & Words With Friends? Here's how....

  • Score high points by remembering all 2 letter words
  • If you are playing online, or through an app then don't be afraid to try words you don't know. If it looks like a word, it might be!.
  • Attempt to block your opponents next move whenever possible.
  • If all else fails, ask for help or use our Word Unscrambler