Unscramble Words in Word Games

Are you stuck in your favorite word scramble game, such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, Text Twist or other? Our Word Unscrambler is the perfect word finder tool to help you get back in the game! This word finder will quickly unscramble words or random scrambled letters and find all possible playable words.

Many word games exist where you must make words out of jumbled letters. They are undoubtedly fun board games or online games that exercise your mind and may even teach you new words along the way.

The thing is, unscrambling letters and creating a list of word combinations is often challenging - especially when you get presented with letters that are least-used in most words.

So with that in mind, how can you unscramble words from a mix of random letters?

Pair Letters That Appear Frequently

Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is start pairing letters that frequently appear in words. When you have a jumbled selection of scrambled letters, scan them for the ones that you often see together, such as:

  • AN
  • CH;
  • EE;
  • FF;
  • ON;
  • PH;
  • QU;
  • SH;
  • SS;
  • TT.

It’s likely when you unscramble letters and follow that essential tip that you will find a pair that could be the key to a longer word combination.

Look For Prefixes and Suffixes

Whether you’re playing Words with Friends or any other word game, another excellent way to find words is by looking at common prefixes and suffixes. Examples of common prefixes include:

  • DE (deactivate, devalue, deduce);
  • DIS (disagree, disappear, dissect);
  • EN (encase, enclose, entangle);
  • HYPER (hyperactive, hyperbole, hypersensitive);
  • MICRO (microcosm, microscope, microwave).

Here are some examples of suffixes you could find in random letters:

  • ACY (delicacy, fallacy, privacy);
  • ATE (communicate, regulate, repudiate);
  • ISM (communism, narcissism, skepticism);
  • OUS (delicious, pretentious, vicious).

Look For Short Words

Some of your favorite word games might require you to form sentences once you’ve unscrambled letters. With that in mind, you should look out for one, two, and three-letter words.

Many sentences, for instance, start with the word “the,” so it makes sense to look for common short words like that. Here are some examples of common short words to inspire you when solving word puzzles:

One-Letter Words

  • A;
  • I.

Two-Letter Words

  • AS;
  • AT;
  • BE;
  • BY;
  • DO;
  • HE;
  • IF;
  • IN;
  • IS;
  • IT;
  • OF;
  • ON;
  • OR;
  • SO;
  • TO;
  • WE.

Three-Letter Words

  • AND;
  • DAY;
  • GET;
  • HAD;
  • HAS;
  • HER;
  • HIS;
  • MAN;
  • NOW
  • OUR;
  • OUT;
  • THE;
  • WAY;
  • WHO.

Experiment With Consonants and Vowels

Another neat trick for coming up with possible words is to experiment with consonants and vowels. If you didn’t know, a consonant is any letter that isn’t a vowel, and vowels are the letters A, E, I, O, and U.

For example, let’s assume you have the letters D, G, I, N, N, O, P, and U:

  • You notice the vowel combination “OU”;
  • You also see the suffix or syllable “ING”;
  • After looking at different combinations, you conclude the word is “POUNDING.”

Visualize Words With Actual Word Tiles

When you want to make words to create a valid word list, another idea that can help you is to visualize words with actual word tiles. So, if you’re playing with Scrabble and words aren’t immediately jumping out at you, take some spare word tiles to create new words.

For some people, visualizing words in front of them instead of from a computer screen can help. You may also want to write down some word lists created from the jumbled letters, as it can help find the highest scoring words.

Create Words Around Vowels

One of the simplest ways to unscramble long words and find valid words is by constructing words around vowels. It’s arguably one of the most popular unscrambling examples because you can work your way through vowels and create syllables, and build up words from there.

Remember, though, that while it’s a standard way of finding all the possible words and letter combinations, it can be a time-consuming endeavor. Still, it’s a comprehensive way of finding the right letter combination to create one long word or several smaller ones.

Use a Dictionary

Sometimes when you’re playing Scrabble or other word games, you might come across a word scramble that almost drives you crazy. You tried the techniques above to create an unscrambled word or make sense of several scrambled words, but you’ve hit a blank.

Did you know that using a dictionary can help you find the best word or unscrambled words to progress in your game? Sometimes, just looking at a list of words with particular prefixes or suffixes, for example, can help you discover the answers.

Know the Anatomy of Words

It doesn’t matter if you play Word Cookies, Word Sundials, or any other word games. The one thing that can give you a competitive advantage is understanding the anatomy of words and how they get formed.

For instance, if you don’t know your consonants from your conjunctions, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with how words and sentences get structured. That way, you can rearrange letter words to create unscrambled answers.

What to Do if You're Still Stuck

What happens if you’ve tried all the tips, tricks, and techniques above, but you’re not getting very far in your quest to win a particular word game? There are a couple of things you can do if using your brainpower alone isn’t helping:

Use Word Unscrambler Tools

A word unscrambler or word finder is a word unscramble tool that can quickly and easily provide you with a list of valid words. It’s a tool specifically created for making sense of jumbled letters and rearranging them to find what you need in seconds.

The way word unscramblers work is simple. Firstly, you type in your list of jumbled letters into an input box or search bar and press a submit button. A few seconds later, it will return a list of valid words. That’s it!

Ask a Friend for Help

If you’d rather not use a word unscrambler tool, how about a human word solver? You could simply ask a friend for some help, as another person might easily spot patterns in your jumbled letters.

Good luck!

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Facts about ephah
  • EPHAH is worth 13 points in Scrabble!
  • Base Word: ephah
  • A definition for ephah is: Alt. of Epha.
  • The part of speech for ephah is N.
  • EPHAH is 5 letters long
  • EPHAH starts with E
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