Word Unscrambler

Our word unscramble tool is the fastest and easiest way to unscramble letters to make words. This word finder works with Words With Friends & Scrabble. Unscramble long words just as easily as short words and find all possible words..

Unscramble Words Cheat

Our word unscrambler is unique in the fact that it allows you to completely customize the words you unscramble. You can easily find words with "these" letters. Even better, using our word unscrambler is quite simple. Here are a few steps to success.

  • In the "show advanced options" menu, choose the starting, containing and/or ending letters, to ensure you find words with letters you are looking for. This is of course, optional.
  • Next you can optionally choose the length of the words you want to find. This is great when you need to fit a word into a tight spot.
  • Our word finder searches all Scrabble words & Words With Friends Words.
  • You can use ?'s for blank tiles.

Choose your dictionary and click "find" and you will instantly be presented with unscrambled words with the letters you are looking for!

Word Unscrambler

What exactly is a word unscramble tool?

A word unscramble tool, is also known as a word scramble solver, word unscrambler, word generator, word scrambler, and many other names.

Which ever name you decide to call it, they all do the same thing... unscramble words & unscramble letters to make actual words. Sounds simple right?

Here are a few examples:

  • cheat unscrambles to the word teach as well as many other words. In fact, you can make 39 words with these letters
  • words unscrambles to sword and 25 other words.
  • nooni unscrambles to onion and 16 other words.

That's an example of unscrambling a short word. Look at the difference with these long words

  • deepest unscrambles to steeped. Deepest isn't very long, but having 7 letters increases the word count to 46
  • alphabet This 8 letter word unscrambles to hatable, palate, and 136 other words.
  • abasement this is a 9 letter word. It is valid in words with friends & scrabble It unscrambles to basement, manatees and 364 other words!

Word Unscramble

Isn't a word unscramble tool cheating?

First, I will let you know the benefits of a word finder and then I will let you know why a word unscrambler isn't necessarily cheating.

Reasons to use a word scramble tool

Never get stuck on a word game again
Have you ever been doing a crossword puzzle or a word scramble game like the daily jumble word puzzle, WWF, Words With Friends, Scrabble or other word games and just completely ran out of ideas? I think everybody has. Not many people can claim to know ever word that exists in all of Scrabble or WWF dictionaries.

There are hundreds of thousands of words that range from 2 - 15+ letters. You can imagine the frustration of getting ever other word, except one or two. Thats what a word finder does, you can find obscure words like ZINCIFICATIONS or XI and finally solve that puzzle.

Learn new words
Our word finder includes the meaning and other information about most words in the WWF and SOWPODS dictionaries. So, not only do you learn a new word, you learn the meaning and the other words that can be made with the letters. Learning is always a good thing.

Win every game
Due to your increase knowledge of words, you are sure to increase your win to lose ratio. You will learn the high scoring 2 letter words like ZA and XI and the high scoring 7 letter words like ZABTIEH. You can rack up the points with ease on Scrabble and WWF.

Unscramble Words

Unscrambling a word usually involves an anagram, which is a word that spells another word with the letters scrambled. Not all words have complete anagrams, usually you will at most find words within the word. A good example are the letters TBALESTAAA. Yes, you can unscramble the letters to words like Stable, Tablet, Tablets and 243 other words, but none use all the letters.

Unscramble Letters

Picking up on the previous example, TBALESTAAA, that is where the term unscrambling letters comes from. You can unscramble the letters, but the letters do not form a word using all the letters. A word unscrambler will unscramble words or letters just the same.

The only difference is unscrambling a word gets you an anagram and unscrambling letters does not.

Word Scramble

Want to win every game of Scrabble & Words With Friends? Here's how....

  • Score high points by remembering all 2 letter words
  • If you are playing online, or through an app then don't be afraid to try words you don't know. If it looks like a word, it might be!.
  • Attempt to block your opponents next move whenever possible.
  • If all else fails, ask for help or use our Word Unscrambler

Word Unscramble Terms & Phrases

Here is a list of the term all the different terms that you may come across in word games

  • Word Generator - This is technically website application that generates random words, but I have noticed that Google relates this term to a word unscrambler
  • Word Scramble - This is a website or application that creates word scramble puzzles, but just like above, i have noticed it used related to word unscramblers.
  • Word Scramble Solver - This is the same as a word unscrambler.
  • Word Scrambler - This is a tool that scrambles the letters of a word, but oddly enough, this term also seems to trigger results in Google for word unscrambler.

Have fun gaming!