Are you stuck in your favorite word game, such as Scrabble®, Words with Friends, Text Twist or any other word game? Our Word Unscrambler is the perfect cheat to help you get back in the game! Our Word Unscrambler can quickly unscramble any word, letters, anagrams that you throw at it.

- You can use ?'s for blank tiles or wild card characters*
- You can choose what the word ends with or begins with in the "Advanced Options" menu *

Don't think of it as cheating, think of it as training! After all, practice makes perfect.

Scrabble Word Finder
Unscramble any Scrabble® word from the TWL06 or SOWPODS dictionaries.

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Word Combiner
Combine words to make new words.

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Word Scrambler
Scramble any word and make your own word scramble game.

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A Word Unscrambler for every occasion

Our word scramblers can be used in more help in virtually any word game. We also receive emails about how our word unscrambler helps in escape rooms, baby showers, tests (not recommended), and other day-to-day situations.

We made using our tools as simple as possible. All you have to do is enter any scrambled word or scrambled letters, use '?' for unknown letters (wildcards). Under advanced options, you can choose what you want the word to start with/end with and click unscramble. We will find anagrams, words within your word or any length.

Remember, it isn't cheating! It is practice.

Here are some of our popular Scrabble® lists

Can you Unscramble these words?