Lacerable(a.) That can be lacerated or torn.
Lacerate(p. a.) Alt. of Lacerated
Lacerate(v. t.) To tear; to rend; to separate by tearing; to mangle; as, to lacerate the flesh. Hence: To afflict; to torture; as, to lacerate the heart.
Lacerated(imp. & p. p.) of Lacerate
Lacerated(p. a.) Rent; torn; mangled; as, a lacerated wound.
Lacerated(p. a.) Jagged, or slashed irregularly, at the end, or along the edge.
Lacerating(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lacerate
Laceration(n.) The act of lacerating.
Laceration(n.) A breach or wound made by lacerating.
Lacerative(a.) Lacerating, or having the power to lacerate; as, lacerative humors.

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