Argent(a.) Made of silver; of a silvery color; white; shining.
Argent(n.) Silver, or money.
Argent(n.) Whiteness; anything that is white.
Argent(n.) The white color in coats of arms, intended to represent silver, or, figuratively, purity, innocence, beauty, or gentleness; -- represented in engraving by a plain white surface.
Argental(a.) Of or pertaining to silver; resembling, containing, or combined with, silver.
Argentate(a.) Silvery white.
Argentation(n.) A coating or overlaying with silver.
Argentic(a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, silver; -- said of certain compounds of silver in which this metal has its lowest proportion; as, argentic chloride.
Argentous(a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, silver; -- said of certain silver compounds in which silver has a higher proportion than in argentic compounds; as, argentous chloride.

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