Pike(n. & v.) A foot soldier's weapon, consisting of a long wooden shaft or staff, with a pointed steel head. It is now superseded by the bayonet.
Pike(n. & v.) A pointed head or spike; esp., one in the center of a shield or target.
Pike(n. & v.) A hayfork.
Pike(n. & v.) A pick.
Pike(n. & v.) A pointed or peaked hill.
Pike(n. & v.) A large haycock.
Pike(n. & v.) A turnpike; a toll bar.
Pike(sing. & pl.) A large fresh-water fish (Esox lucius), found in Europe and America, highly valued as a food fish; -- called also pickerel, gedd, luce, and jack.
Piked(a.) Furnished with a pike; ending in a point; peaked; pointed.

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