Laconic(a.) Alt. of Laconical
Laconic(n.) Laconism.
Laconical(a.) See Laconic, a.
Laconical(a.) Expressing much in few words, after the manner of the Laconians or Spartans; brief and pithy; brusque; epigrammatic. In this sense laconic is the usual form.
Laconical(a.) Laconian; characteristic of, or like, the Spartans; hence, stern or severe; cruel; unflinching.
Laconically(adv.) In a laconic manner.
Laconism(n.) A vigorous, brief manner of expression; laconic style.
Laconism(n.) An instance of laconic style or expression.
Laconize(v. i.) To imitate the manner of the Laconians, especially in brief, pithy speech, or in frugality and austerity.
Laconized(imp. & p. p.) of Laconize
Laconizing(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Laconize

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