Allegoric(a.) Alt. of Allegorical
Allegorical(a.) Belonging to, or consisting of, allegory; of the nature of an allegory; describing by resemblances; figurative.
Allegorization(n.) The act of turning into allegory, or of understanding in an allegorical sense.
Allegorize(v. t.) To form or turn into allegory; as, to allegorize the history of a people.
Allegorize(v. t.) To treat as allegorical; to understand in an allegorical sense; as, when a passage in a writer may understood literally or figuratively, he who gives it a figurative sense is said to allegorize it.
Allegorize(v. t.) To use allegory.
Allegorized(imp. & p. p.) of Allegorize
Allegorizer(n.) One who allegorizes, or turns things into allegory; an allegorist.
Allegorizing(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Allegorize

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