Affirm(v. i.) To declare or assert positively.
Affirm(v. i.) To make a solemn declaration, before an authorized magistrate or tribunal, under the penalties of perjury; to testify by affirmation.
Affirm(v. t.) to assert or confirm, as a judgment, decree, or order, brought before an appellate court for review.
Affirm(v. t.) To assert positively; to tell with confidence; to aver; to maintain as true; -- opposed to deny.
Affirm(v. t.) To declare, as a fact, solemnly, under judicial sanction. See Affirmation, 4.
Affirmable(a.) Capable of being affirmed, asserted, or declared; -- followed by of; as, an attribute affirmable of every just man.
Affirmance(n.) Confirmation; ratification; confirmation of a voidable act.
Affirmance(n.) A strong declaration; affirmation.
Affirmant(n.) One who affirms or asserts.
Affirmant(n.) One who affirms, instead of taking an oath.
Affirmation(n.) Confirmation of anything established; ratification; as, the affirmation of a law.
Affirmation(n.) The act of affirming or asserting as true; assertion; -- opposed to negation or denial.
Affirmation(n.) That which is asserted; an assertion; a positive statement; an averment; as, an affirmation, by the vender, of title to property sold, or of its quality.
Affirmation(n.) A solemn declaration made under the penalties of perjury, by persons who conscientiously decline taking an oath, which declaration is in law equivalent to an oath.
Affirmative(a.) Confirmative; ratifying; as, an act affirmative of common law.
Affirmative(a.) That affirms; asserting that the fact is so; declaratory of what exists; answering \"yes\" to a question; -- opposed to negative; as, an affirmative answer; an affirmative vote.
Affirmative(a.) Positive; dogmatic.
Affirmative(a.) Expressing the agreement of the two terms of a proposition.
Affirmative(a.) Positive; -- a term applied to quantities which are to be added, and opposed to negative, or such as are to be subtracted.
Affirmative(n.) That which affirms as opposed to that which denies; an affirmative proposition; that side of question which affirms or maintains the proposition stated; -- opposed to negative; as, there were forty votes in the affirmative, and ten in the negative.
Affirmative(n.) A word or phrase expressing affirmation or assent; as, yes, that is so, etc.
Affirmatively(adv.) In an affirmative manner; on the affirmative side of a question; in the affirmative; -- opposed to negatively.
Affirmed(imp. & p. p.) of Affirm
Affirmer(n.) One who affirms.
Affirming(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Affirm

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