Aerate(v. t.) To combine or charge with gas; usually with carbonic acid gas, formerly called fixed air.
Aerate(v. t.) To supply or impregnate with common air; as, to aerate soil; to aerate water.
Aerate(v. t.) To expose to the chemical action of air; to oxygenate (the blood) by respiration; to arterialize.
Aerated(imp. & p. p.) of Aerate
Aerating(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Aerate
Aeration(n.) Exposure to the free action of the air; airing; as, aeration of soil, of spawn, etc.
Aeration(n.) A change produced in the blood by exposure to the air in respiration; oxygenation of the blood in respiration; arterialization.
Aeration(n.) The act or preparation of charging with carbonic acid gas or with oxygen.
Aerator(n.) That which supplies with air; esp. an apparatus used for charging mineral waters with gas and in making soda water.

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