Admirability(n.) Admirableness.
Admirable(a.) Fitted to excite wonder; wonderful; marvelous.
Admirable(a.) Having qualities to excite wonder united with approbation; deserving the highest praise; most excellent; -- used of persons or things.
Admirableness(n.) The quality of being admirable; wonderful excellence.
Admirably(adv.) In an admirable manner.
Admiral(n.) A naval officer of the highest rank; a naval officer of high rank, of which there are different grades. The chief gradations in rank are admiral, vice admiral, and rear admiral. The admiral is the commander in chief of a fleet or of fleets.
Admiral(n.) The ship which carries the admiral; also, the most considerable ship of a fleet.
Admiral(n.) A handsome butterfly (Pyrameis Atalanta) of Europe and America. The larva feeds on nettles.
Admirance(n.) Admiration.
Admiration(n.) Wonder; astonishment.
Admiration(n.) Wonder mingled with approbation or delight; an emotion excited by a person or thing possessed of wonderful or high excellence; as, admiration of a beautiful woman, of a landscape, of virtue.
Admiration(n.) Cause of admiration; something to excite wonder, or pleased surprise; a prodigy.
Admirative(a.) Relating to or expressing admiration or wonder.
Admire(v. i.) To wonder; to marvel; to be affected with surprise; -- sometimes with at.
Admire(v. t.) To regard with wonder or astonishment; to view with surprise; to marvel at.
Admire(v. t.) To regard with wonder and delight; to look upon with an elevated feeling of pleasure, as something which calls out approbation, esteem, love, or reverence; to estimate or prize highly; as, to admire a person of high moral worth, to admire a landscape.
Admired(a.) Regarded with wonder and delight; highly prized; as, an admired poem.
Admired(a.) Wonderful; also, admirable.
Admired(imp. & p. p.) of Admire
Admirer(n.) One who admires; one who esteems or loves greatly.
Admiring(a.) Expressing admiration; as, an admiring glance.
Admiring(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Admire

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