Adjourn(v. i.) To suspend business for a time, as from one day to another, or for a longer period, or indefinitely; usually, to suspend public business, as of legislatures and courts, or other convened bodies; as, congress adjourned at four o'clock; the court adjourned without day.
Adjourn(v. t.) To put off or defer to another day, or indefinitely; to postpone; to close or suspend for the day; -- commonly said of the meeting, or the action, of convened body; as, to adjourn the meeting; to adjourn a debate.
Adjournal(n.) Adjournment; postponement.
Adjourned(imp. & p. p.) of Adjourn
Adjourning(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Adjourn
Adjournment(n.) The act of adjourning; the putting off till another day or time specified, or without day.
Adjournment(n.) The time or interval during which a public body adjourns its sittings or postpones business.

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