Achievable(a.) Capable of being achieved.
Achievance(n.) Achievement.
Achieve(v. t.) To carry on to a final close; to bring out into a perfected state; to accomplish; to perform; -- as, to achieve a feat, an exploit, an enterprise.
Achieve(v. t.) To obtain, or gain, as the result of exertion; to succeed in gaining; to win.
Achieve(v. t.) To finish; to kill.
Achieved(imp. & p. p.) of Achieve
Achievement(n.) The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his object.
Achievement(n.) A great or heroic deed; something accomplished by valor, boldness, or praiseworthy exertion; a feat.
Achievement(n.) An escutcheon or ensign armorial; now generally applied to the funeral shield commonly called hatchment.
Achiever(n.) One who achieves; a winner.
Achieving(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Achieve

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