Abdicable(a.) Capable of being abdicated.
Abdicant(a.) Abdicating; renouncing; -- followed by of.
Abdicant(n.) One who abdicates.
Abdicate(v. i.) To relinquish or renounce a throne, or other high office or dignity.
Abdicate(v. t.) To surrender or relinquish, as sovereign power; to withdraw definitely from filling or exercising, as a high office, station, dignity; as, to abdicate the throne, the crown, the papacy.
Abdicate(v. t.) To renounce; to relinquish; -- said of authority, a trust, duty, right, etc.
Abdicate(v. t.) To reject; to cast off.
Abdicate(v. t.) To disclaim and expel from the family, as a father his child; to disown; to disinherit.
Abdicated(imp. & p. p.) of Abdicate
Abdicating(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Abdicate
Abdication(n.) The act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder; commonly the voluntary renunciation of sovereign power; as, abdication of the throne, government, power, authority.
Abdicative(a.) Causing, or implying, abdication.
Abdicator(n.) One who abdicates.

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