Words With Friends Word Finder

Our word finder is the fast and simple. You can quickly solve any word scramble for Words With Friends or Words With Friends 2. You can use our app while you are playing the WWF app and win every game!

Words With Friends Cheat

Words With Friends and Scrabble have much in common, for example the board size is the same, the object of the game is the same and point values are similar.

That being said, they do have several differences as well. The points are similar, but different. They have a different bonus point layout on the board and they use different word dictionaries. WWF uses the ENABLE dictionary.

Words With Friends Word Finder

Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2 are crossword puzzle style games. You play against a friend or foe and try to unscramble your letters and score the highest score.

Scoring Points

  • A = 1 point
  • B = 4 points
  • C = 4 points
  • D = 2 points
  • E = 1 point
  • F = 4 points
  • G = 3 points
  • H = 3 points
  • I = 1 point
  • J = 10 points
  • K = 5 points
  • L = 2 points
  • M = 4 points
  • N = 2 points
  • O = 1 point
  • P = 4 points
  • Q = 10 points
  • R = 1 point
  • S = 1 point
  • T = 1 point
  • U = 2 points
  • V = 5 points
  • W = 4 points
  • X = 8 points
  • Y = 3 points
  • Z = 10 points
  • BLANK = 0 points

Z,Q,J,X are the most valuable letters, so if you have them, be sure to use them in order to rack up as many points as possible.

High Value Word Lists

Here are a few lists that you should study. All the pros know all the 2 letter words especially. They are easy to use and can reward you with high points if you use them in combination with bonuses.

Words With Friends 2 Cheat

Our WWF word finder also works with Words With Friends 2. They 2 word games use the same dictionary and have the same rules. The major differences are the addition of new modes. Here is a link to the new game. Words With Friends 2

WWF Tips

Winning in Words With Friends requires the same mentality as winning in Scrabble. Here are a few tips.

  • Score high points by remembering all 2 letter words
  • If you are playing online, or through an app then don't be afraid to try words you don't know. If it looks like a word, it might be!.
  • Attempt to block your opponents next move whenever possible.
  • If all else fails, ask for help or use our Word Unscrambler