• keeper (n.) - One who, or that which, keeps; one who, or that which, holds or has possession of anything.
  • keeper (n.) - One who retains in custody; one who has the care of a prison and the charge of prisoners.
  • keeper (n.) - One who has the care, custody, or superintendence of anything; as, the keeper of a park, a pound, of sheep, of a gate, etc. ; the keeper of attached property; hence, one who saves from harm; a defender; a preserver.
  • keeper (n.) - One who remains or keeps in a place or position.
  • keeper (n.) - A ring, strap, clamp, or any device for holding an object in place; as: (a) The box on a door jamb into which the bolt of a lock protrudes, when shot. (b) A ring serving to keep another ring on the finger. (c) A loop near the buckle of a strap to receive the end of the strap.
  • keeper (n.) - A fruit that keeps well; as, the Roxbury Russet is a good keeper.
  • keepering () - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
  • keepers () - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
er 2 es 2 pe 4 re 2
eek 7 eke 7 ere 3 ers 3 kep 9 pee 5 per 5 pes 5 ree 3 rep 5 res 3 see 3 ser 3
ekes 8 epee 6 keep 10 keps 10 peek 10 peer 6 pees 6 peke 10 pere 6 perk 10 pree 6 reek 8 rees 4 reps 6 seek 8 seep 6 seer 4 sere 4 skee 8 skep 10
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